Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 HD

 Establishment Osman, Chapter 28

With the conquest of Kulucahisar Castle, Osman Bey, who attracted the anger of Constantinople and the emperor, 

established peace in the extreme region.  The Byzantine Emperor, who took action against Osman Bey and decided to send Aya Nikola, one of his most experienced commanders, 

to the region, is determined to eliminate this Turkish lord, who is a hope for all obese with his success.  While the surprise raid on the plateau where Kayı Obası spent his summer, while explaining the ambitions of Byzantium, 

Osman Bey, who was determined to account for this despicion  He gathers the Alps together with the task he takes from the Aksakals.  Ertuğrul Bey's return is welcomed with enthusiasm in Kayı Obası, who tries to heal his wounds.  

Will Osman Bey and the Alps be able to defeat the Byzantine army?  What kind of duty will Osman Bey take from the Aksakals?  How will the balances in Kayı Obası change with the return of Ertuğrul Bey?  

What will Aya Nikola do to restore Byzantine domination in the edge region?  Will Bala Hatun survive the raid on Kayılar?  He, with his coal-black eyes, would kindle the gas and the fire of freedom.  

His name was Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi "Love" was the guide to him in the darkness In the lands watered with blood and tears, cut like a sow of sky;  

He saw the dream of a nation that would cross seven heavens, seven lands, mountains and seas with love.  He took his strength not from his sword, but from “love" With justice to bullying;  

The greatest empire that history has ever seen, resisting slavery with freedom, was named "with love".  

The rebellion against the corrupt order that broke 72 nations, hope for the silent cry of the oppressed became the name of the Foundation Establishment Osman The story of a march from a 400 tent camp to a world empire founded with "divine love".


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